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Near Real-Time
Earthquake Monitor
for Turkey

Earthquake Monitor uses near real-time earthquake list of Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute of University of Bogazici, Istanbul, Turkey, and displays them on a 3D raster map of Turkey and the neighboring countries. It notifies the user when new earthquakes occur and stores the list of earthquakes in the user's computer. The user can select and show the earthquakes according to their date, time, place, magnitude or depth. Also the user can save the map and the earthaquakes shown.

Earthquake Monitor is a free software. You may use, copy and distribute it in any way you like. More information and the latest version is found in these pages.

You can send your toughts, advices or any errors found in the application to

You can also view the latest earthquakes without using the Earthquake Monitor!

Kandilli Observatory and Earthquake Research Institute Latest earthquakes are shown on maps in the web pages of National Earthquake Monitoring Center .

Click here to download Earthquake Monitor.

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