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Following are some of the projects I've developed. They are currently in use.
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Mikado Timekeeper
Personnel Attendance Control and Access Control System

KOERI Latest Earthquakes
Web site and map generator for the latest eartquakes list of the KOERI.

Earthquake Monitor for Turkey
Near-realtime earthquake monitor for Turkey, which displays the latest eartquake data of KOERI on a map.

Creation Studio
A comprehensive real-time decoration application to visualize your ideas.

Mikado Timekeeper

Mikado Computer Ltd., Istanbul

Mikado Timekeeper is the last version of Mikado Computer's solution for time and attendance control systems. A new access control system has also been included in this version.

This version have been designed and written entirely, as well as its database structure, which is in Interbase/FirebirdSQL.

Mikado Timekeeper has its own easy to use and learn user interface with its navigation tools, modular architecture and design style.

The system has features like being multilingual and project costing based on peoples work. The project is continuously improved to meet the customers' demands.

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